Explanation on Search Engine Marketing Or SERP in year 2020

Explanation on Search Engine Marketing Or SERP in year 2020

Have you ever heard about SEM or search engine marketing? Dont think much; today, here, we will explain everything about search engine marketing and search engine results page SERP). So basically, we first start with an introduction about terms SEM and SERP. 

Search Engine Marketing

SEM or search engine marketing term is used when we use paid platforms to advertise our products, content, extra based on some keywords. Whenever we use SEM strategy, we have to choose some keywords related to our advertisement; for example, If you want to advertise your brand shoes, then you have to place keywords like men‘s shoes, women‘s shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes extra. A keyword is the most important part of the SEM process.  
Unlike SEO, Search engine marketing is the most effective and instant solution for showing your content on the first page. So Search engine optimization and SEM both are different terms; SEO takes time and is free method to advertise and push your content to the first page of search engine while SEM is an instant solution but is paid and based on bid strategies. In 2020 Search engine marketing has so grown that every business starts using products like AdWords extra to promote their marketing online.  

Process Of SEM –  

Explanation on Search Engine Marketing Or SERP in year 2020Search engine marketing is a process of placing your advertisement on the browsing screen of prospective buyers who are willing to purchase products of your niche.
For example, if your product is related to jewelry, then the ad will be shown to the targeted people in short who want to buy silver or have demonstrated their interest in purchase jewelry.
SEM is also known as pay per click system as advertisers pay for every click they get from the campaign.  There are some components of SEM like Platform of advertisement, keywords, content, funnels, target consumers, ad video, or thumbnails extra; one must know well about these components before making efforts for SEM. 
The ad campaign, ad groups, keywords, ad texts, landing pages are prominent elements of Search engine marketing. 

SEM Platforms-

Right Platform- Decision about the right search engine marketing platform is also an important task while you are looking to target customers/audiences via google search results thaGoogle Adwords is the best Platform for PPC ads. 
Right keyword- Keyword is something that pretends a particular category, group, or class. The keyword is the most important component in search engine marketing, as SERP is based on keyword targeted. One must pay special attention to keyword research before starting campaigns for SEM.

SEM Targeting-

For keyword research, there are various tools available that provide keyword research services free and paid. Google keyword planner is one of the best keyword planner tools which is free and easy to use. A wrong keyword can cause the failure of the whole SEM strategy.

Explanation on Search Engine Marketing Or SERP in year 2020

For example, if you want to promote advertisement for women jewelry and placed keyword clothing, then it will result in failure of the campaign. Correct keyword targeting can help to reduce pay per click cost. 
Right targeting- Targeting includes targeting the right audience to show your advertisement, this step is also essential for successful campaign results as the right audience converts into sales, and leads can be generated quickly.
Targeting requires detailed information about gender, age, the interest of the audience you are willing to target. 
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